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Dr. George Steinfeld


Welcome. Thanks for taking a moment to visit my site. Here you will find some information about the professional health services that I offer as a  licensed psychologist in Connecticut

My name is George Steinfeld, Ph.D. and I have practiced psychology in Connecticut for over 40 years. I have been highly trained in human behavior and in effective ways of helping people: In addition, I am a Approved Clinical Supervisor in Marriage & Family therapy.

I practice from an Holistic perspective, employing pprimarily a Cognitive-behavioral and energy approach. My interest is in helping to = relieve=20 suffering in the quickest and most effective way possible.

- You identify life situations that cause problems in daily living
- We figure out good ways to deal with life's challenges
- To change problem  behaviors, habits, and thoughts to
- Improve emotional health and deal with  stressful situations
- I am also interested in your spiritual concerns

When thinking about using the professional services of a psychologist, it is important to choose a health professional with appropriate skills and experience. The rest of this site contains more information about my  background and work as a practicing psychologist.

I have worked in mental hospitals,child guidance clinics, prisons (addicted inmates) and private practice.
I have over 40 professionals publications, and many local, state and  national presenations.

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