Center for Brief Psychotherapy
Trauma Treatment-Energy Work


I call my approach TARET systems, where I integrate cognitive-behavioral-systems therapy. I employ a variety of procedures to help relieve suffering. Therapy is collaborative. You tell me want you want from therapy, and I employ procedures that I and others have used to help you achieve your outcomes. From another perspective my approach is based on BISC:

B-brief, or as soon as possilbe to achieve results.
I- integrative, selecting among many procedures that therapists have employed.
S- Solution focused, that is, achieving your purpose
C- Client directed, that is, you tell me what is working OR not so we can make necessary changes.

For the past 20 or so years I have been working with energy healing procedures which can quickly reduce and eliminate emotional distress stemming from anxiety related disorders, depression, anger, addictions and trauma. For further information regarding this new approach to emotional healing, see Gary Craig's website:

I will be happy to discuss my approach with you. I also conduct therapy via emails and over the phone.


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