Center for Brief Psychotherapy
Trauma Treatment-Energy Work
Therapy model
Below is a diagram of TARET's integrative model. It integrates Transactional Analysis (Parent-Adult-Cchild which are ego states), ABCDE, which reflects the cognitive-behavioral aspect, and energy work (*Perturbation, or disruptions in teh body's energy system).

Parent A (Event which one becomes aware of) (leading to))---B (interpretions of the event; (leading to)
--------------C (the emotions resulting from
the interpretation * (as felt in mind and body) *(disruption in body's energy system)...leading to
Adult D (behavior resulting from
A-B-C which
Effects (one self and others)

As part of my holistic approach I encourge and teach a variety of meditiation practices. I also encourgare a healthy nutritional program and practices such as Yoga, Qi gong, etc. I tend to de-emphasize medications but do work with psychiatrists if medication is needed. I believe that contracts are important so that we all know what our responsibilities are and are accountable for what happens in therapy. Below are several thoughts that I hang out with in my life, some of which we can discuss:
What is that your business (Annie Hall-Woody Allen)(Knowing what is your issue vs. someone else, and how stay focused on yourself and your issues)
Don't believe everything you think (question/challenge your thinking which frequently has distorions-learned in course of growing up as well as a predisposition to think irrationally)
Let go or be dragged (live in the present)
What you think of me is none of my business
When I argue with reality, I lose; but only 100% of the time (Byron Katie)
Breakdowns come, and breakdowns go; what are you gonna do about it is what I want to know (Paul Simon, Gumboots, on Graceland album)
The As of relationship conflcit: Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance of responsibility, Apology, Asking forgivenss, Adjustment (change)
The 4 stage learning process: Non-Awareness of what you don't know; Aware of what you don't know; aware of what you do know; Not aware of what you know- it has become integrated into you.
There are no big ME's and little YOUs.
I"M OK, you're OK
Separate the teacher from the Teaching
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