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Trauma Treatment
Tearless TraumaTechnique
If you're experiencing anxiety from a past trauma, and are having difficulty resolving it, try the follwing:
The Tearless Trauma Technique
Can be done individually:
1. Identify a specific traumatic incident from you past. It should be at least 3 years ago to minimize any complications from the dynamics of a current event. An example might be, "the time my father punched me when I was 12." By contrast, the phrase "my father abused me" would be too broad because, chances are, the abuse took place over many, many incidents. Please note that you may not stay on the original issue because the focus may shift to other issues as you resolve the original one.

2. GUESS at what your emotional intensity would be (on a 0-10 scale) IF you were to vividly imagine the incident. DO NOT to actually imagine it. This GUESS is a surprisingly useful serves to minimize emotional pain. Write your guess down.

3. Develop a phrase to use for the EFT process such as "this father-punch emotion" and then proceed with a round of tapping.
Setup: Even though (I'm angry over x; I fear afraid when I think x, etc)--I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
With or without Setup:
Use EFT another approach where you touch, release and breathe. Tap (touch, massage) on inner eye brow (5-7 times), side of eye, under eye, under nose, Under lower lip, middle of chest (collar bone area), under arm, top of head)

4. After this round of tapping (or touching, releasing and breathing, GUESS again their new number. Typically, they report noticeably smaller numbers.

5. Perform more rounds of EFT (or your favorite tapping procedure) In my experience, a total of 3 or 4 rounds will bring just about everyone down to GUESSES of 0 to 3.

6. Once you are down to acceptably low GUESS, then perform another round of tapping and, after this round, vividly imagine the incident. Notice that this is the first time you are asking to do this. All previous times have been relatively painless GUESSES. In my experience, just about everyone goes to zero and the rest are at very low numbers. If there is an exception or two, then I work with them individually to complete the process.

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